Seniors - Active Living

Millet Senior Groups and Clubs

Millet & District Seniors - Contact Joanne Maynard 780-387-4187

Promoting senior activities and meetings for health and wellness.

Meetings are held the last Wednesday of each month. Potluck to commence at noon and meeting to follow at 1:00 pm  at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 229. Guest speakers, numerous Bus trips and learning about community activities and social interaction within the Community.

Yearly dues are $10.00 and a drop in fee of $2.00 per meeting.

ALL Seniors are welcome.

Chair:  Joanne Maynard, Vice Chair:  Peggy Robinson, Secretary:  Audrey Smith, Treasurer:  Mary Hegge

SENIORS DIRECTORY - The Millet FCSS has put together a Seniors Directory for Millet and area, to view this document, click here.

Millet & District Arts & Crafts Guild - Contact Clara Hampson 780-387-7413

Promoting Arts, Crafts and Culture in our Community. Handcrafted items for sale at many local events and Millet Museum. Proceeds going to various charities. Meetings on the 4th Thursday morning of every month at 9:30 am except July and December. $20.00 Membership, Quilting – Tuesdays 1:00pm-3:00pm; Weaving – Thursdays 9:30am -11:30am  NEW** Knitting and crocheting meet the first Tuesday of each month at 1:00 pm at the Museum. 

President: Clara Hampson; Secretary: Viola Rudolph; Treasurer: Peggy Robinson

Millet in Bloom - Contact Carol Sadoroszney

Millet in Bloom is a Committee of Council committed to foster civic pride, environmental responsibility, and beautification through community involvement with the focus of enhancing the green spaces in Millet. Programs include: Memorial Roses, park, benches, receptacles and trees. Events: Community Spring Clean Up, Community Wide Garage Sale, Local Competition Contest, Volunteer Appreciation Dinner/Competition Awards & Welcome National & Local Judges Evening. Christmas Wreath Fundraiser. March to November meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each Month.  For more information, you can visit

President: Carol Sadoroszney


Excerpt from Alberta Centre for Active Living

  1. Be bold and try an activity you've never done before!
  2. Chop your own firewood for a blazing fire.
  3. Go skating on the frozen lakes in the parks
  4. Take a heritage walk and then go for frozen yogurt.
  5. Schedule activity breaks into your day.
  6. Move your feet to the line dance and sing along.
  7. Don't sink in the snow, go snowshoeing.
  8. Get outdoors and try lawn bowling.
  9. Move your feet to the beat and clog dance.
  10. Schedule a shuffleboard tournament with a group of friends.
  11. Start a small balcony garden.
  12. Jump for your heart-skip rope.
  13. Get outdoors, enjoy the sunshine, feel alive!
  14. Walk your dog and your neighbour's dog.
  15. Learn how to cross country ski.
  16. Take a five-minute active break when playing cards.
  17. Go for a walk in the rain without an umbrella.
  18. Take along binoculars and go bird watching with a group for the afternoon.
  19. Walk barefoot on the beach.
  20. Shovel your sidewalk.
  21. Follow an exercise program on T.V.
  22. Sweep into curling.
  23. Take a woodworking course.
  24. Participate in a woodworking class.
  25. Participate in a travel club and see the world.
  26. Take along a walking stick and go hiking.
  27. Practice your balance by toe walking along a line in your kitchen.
  28. Re-decorate your home.
  29. Join a senior's activity group at church.
  30. Whether in a tent or trailer, go camping and explore Alberta.
  31. Organize a neighborhood croquet or lawn dart tournament.
  32. Grab a friend and try aqua jogging in the pool.
  33. Go walking & window shopping.
  34. If you like water, try aqua aerobics.
  35. Join a community T'ai chi group or try a home exercise video.
  36. Hand wash your car with pride.
  37. Take part in a summer event.
  38. Help out and do chores on the farm.
  39. Cycle, wheel, run or walk to work.
  40. Move to the rhythm of music in the summer.
  41. Bend and stretch while watching commercials.
  42. Jump in the lake, just for the fun of it!
  43. Go fly a kite!
  44. Join a mall walking club.
  45. Wiggle your fingers and toes.
  46. Take phone calls standing up.
  47. Join in the fun and attend a street festival.
  48. Carry your groceries to maintain strength.
  49. Take group dancing lessons.
  50. Join a team and try carpet bowling.
  51. Participate in the Alberta Senior's Games.
  52. Test your reaction time at table tennis.
  53. Build a snowman with your child.
  54. Walk through a gallery and meet an artist.
  55. Canoe along the shore of a lake.
  56. Enroll in a strength training class.
  57. Canvass door to door for your favorite charity.
  58. Try sailing and windsurfing.
  59. Contract and release your stomach muscles while talking on the phone.
  60. Test your aim at archery.
  61. Discover nature and animals by taking a walk around the zoo.
  62. Challenge a friend to a round of golf.
  63. Use your chair as a piece of fitness equipment!
  64. Sweep your sidewalk and patio.
  65. Improve your flexibility through yoga.
  66. Go biking in the river valley.
  67. Walk to a fiends house and back for dinner.
  68. Make your bed every morning.
  69. Dig, prune and weed your garden.
  70. Get wet and swim some laps.
  71. Walk to a new location on your coffee break.
  72. Try doing stretching exercises in bed.
  73. Play catch or frisbee with a friend.
  74. Exercise your legs in a paddle boat.
  75. Visit a historical site& experience the past.
  76. Put on your favorite polka and clean the house.
  77. Push-mow the lawn to strengthen your arms and legs.
  78. Water all the plants in the building.
  79. Volunteer at a day care or school.
  80. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  81. Try raking leaves for an upper body work out.
  82. Go for a picnic in the park.
  83. Laugh more......try to make someone else laugh!
  84. Learn to fly fish on one of Alberta's lakes or rivers.
  85. Park far away from the shopping mall.
  86. Strike out and try bowling!
  87. Climb a hill and shout "hurray" at the top.
  88. Join a weekly activity group.
  89. Try a new racquet sport at the community league.
  90. Play bocce ball at the family barbeque.
  91. Folk dance or square dance with friends.
  92. Have a friend teach you how to roller blade.
  93. Help build a house for a family in need.
  94. Set up a hall-walking club in your residence.
  95. Babysit your grandchildren for the afternoon.
  96. Exhibit your dramatic flair by acting in a play.
  97. Do arm circles in front of the T.V.
  98. Participate in a parade, rally, or fundraiser run/walk.
  99. Do chair exercises to music in a group setting.