Director of Operations

For Public Works & Parks inquiries, please contact Rob Pelletier at

Outdoor Rink - 5148 50 Avenue

Agriplex Arena and Hugo Witt Room - 5400 45 Avenue

The main level of the Agriplex complex includes one NHL size ice surface, seated bleachers, concession and the Hugo Witt meeting room.  This onsite meeting room can occupy up to 60 people and features include a kitchen sink, fridge and 70 inch TV with presentation capabilities.

Banquet room

The upper level occupies 384 people offering an excellent choice for large dances, weddings, group events and live entertainment. The Banquet Room has undergone extensive upgrades to include four 90 inch TVs and a 12 x 16 electronic projector screen and new sound system.  The onsite full service kitchen facilities offer; ranges, pizza ovens, coolers, dishwasher, cookware, cutlery, bar area and ice machine. To make a reservation to host your event or for additional information, contact the Administration Assistant at 780-387-4554 or email

Ball Diamonds - 5290 45 Avenue

The Town of Millet has 3 ball diamonds located east of the Agriplex.  The diamonds have shale infields with grass outfields, dugouts and bleachers.  Millet Baseball Association has a concession on site.


The Town of Millet has 4 playgrounds that can be found throughout the town. 

  • Centennial Park 5119-52 Avenue (2009 replaced with new structure)
  • Phillips Park 4818-51 Avenue (2010-11 new structure)
  • Leonard Grey Diamond Dr. (2010-11 new structure)
  • Millet Civic Centre 4528-51 Street

Public Library - 4528 - 51 Street

Great selection of youth and adult books and offers;

  • Summer reading programs for children
  • Story time
  • VHS and DVD movies
  • Summer programs

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday : 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Friday and Saturday : Noon - 5:00 pm
Contact: 780-387-5222 or email

Soccer Fields

The Town of Millet has a number of soccer fields available for use, from junior fields to adult.  Millet is known for hosting one of the largest youth soccer tournaments in Northern Alberta.  Soccer fields are: Pipestone, Moonen Heights, Paul Pay, Griffiths Scott. 

Walking Trails

Millet is centered on a 65-acre park system with natural and manicured areas, including Pipestone Creek and Eyot Creek.  Multi use lighted and shale pathways are very popular as they promote a healthy life style for the residents in the community.

Splash Park - 4904 52 Street

The Millet Splash Park is a favorite play area for children when the sun is out.

Off-Leash Dog Park

Click here for the Bylaw and Map.

A trip to an off leash dog park can be an enjoyable experience for both owners and pets. Here are some tips to help you have a positive experience

  • PAY ATTENTION. Your dog is your responsibility. Too many times, dogs get into trouble while their owners are busy doing something else. Every owner needs to watch their dogs for signs of stress or aggression, and must be ready to take appropriate steps. This is for the safety of everyone at the park - including your own dog!
  • Keep your dog on a leash until you are inside the designated park area. Always carry a leash even in a leash-free area. You never know when you may need it.
  • Don't bring sick dogs to the dog park. Contagious dogs can infect other dogs; and dogs who are feeling ill or who have been weakened by illness could be injured by the rough-and-tumble play-styles of other dogs in the park.
  • Don't bring female dogs in heat to the dog park.
  • Don't bring young puppies. Their immune systems are not yet fully developed.
  • Never bring more dogs than you can handle if a situation were to arise.
  • Use caution when bringing toys. You may want to bring a ball or other throw-toy for your pup, but proceed with care. Some dogs are fine with sharing, but toys can also cause guarding or territorial issues that create an unfriendly environment within the park.
  • Keep children nearby. Kids are welcome at the off-leash parks, but it’s important to keep an eye on them and make sure they are behaving appropriately. Children who run or yell can frighten or intimidate dogs, or they may be seen as prey and be chased by the dogs. Children should also never approach unfamiliar dogs.
  • Know what to do if a fight breaks out. Despite your best efforts, it can happen. Make sure you're ready.

Clean up after your dog... every time!