Development Policies and Bylaws


The Town has many policies and bylaws that help guide development. These documents are key as they establish the standard that all Developers must follow. 

Policy #4 – Winter Street Maintenance Policy Policy statement: To provide priorities for the control of ice and snow conditions on streets and sidewalks based on the limited resources available.

Policy #10 – Compliance Certificate Procedures Policy Policy statement: To establish the requirements for processing of compliance certificates. A compliance certificate is a confirmation from the Town of Millet that the location of a building(s) on a site complies with the current Land Use Bylaw.

Policy #18 – Public Participation Policy Policy statement: The Town of Millet values public engagement processes and activities that contribute to policy, program, service and project decisions by providing Town Council and administration with the best possible information to support decision making.

Policy #38 – Strategic Plan Vision statement: The Town of Millet is “Proud to Be..” working together to provide, sustain and enhance the quality of life for our community. Mission statement: The Town of Millet strives to serve our sustainable, vibrant community in an efficient, professional and responsible manner. Values: Honesty, accountability, service collaboration, safe and healthy community and respect. Through these key values the Town of Millet is “Proud to Be..”

Policy #75 – Town of Millet Utility Connection Policy Purpose: To establish guidelines under which premises within the Town of Millet are currently serviced by private water wells.


Policy 51 - Minimum Design Standards establishes the minimum servicing standards for design plans, roads, sanitary sewerage system, water distribution system, storm drainage system, gas, power and telephone services within the Town.


Land Use Bylaw Bylaw 2018-13

Amendments to the Bylaw 2018-13 being the Land Use Bylaw:

Lakeside Meadows Land Use Bylaw Amendment 

Mobile Home Age Amendment 

Establishment of the R3A District

Area Structure Plans:

Millet Industrial Park Area Structure Plan Bylaw 2020-05 

Lakeside Meadows Area Structure Plan Bylaw 2020-11


Development and Safety Codes Fees: Bylaw 2020-03