Development Policies and Bylaws

Town of Millet Planning and Development Policies


Town of Millet Planning and Development Policies

 The Municipal Government Act (MGA) is the legislative framework in which it lays the foundation for how municipalities operate, how municipal Councils function and how citizens can work with their municipalities.

The MGA provides the governance model for cities, towns, villages, municipal districts, specialized municipalities, and other forms of local government in Alberta.

In making decisions regarding issues of planning and development, municipalities have much to consider, including federal and provincial legislation, environmental and historical impacts, and the approved policies of the municipality itself. 

Section 638.2 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires all municipalities to publish on their website a list of municipal policies that may be considered in making planning decisions (decision made under Part 17 of the MGA). The following is a directory of all approved polices and bylaws of the Town of Millet which relate to planning and development (Part 17 of the MGA)

Plans influence development permit applications, subdivision approvals, and statutory plans often related to construction practices and the enforcement of standards.  

Important Documents


Land Use Bylaw Bylaw 2018-11

Amendments to the Bylaw 2018-11 being the Land Use Bylaw:

Lakeside Meadows Land Use Bylaw Amendment 

Mobile Home Age Amendment 

Establishment of the R3A District

Area Structure Plans:

Millet Industrial Park Area Structure Plan Bylaw 2020-05 

Lakeside Meadows Area Structure Plan Bylaw 2020-11


Development and Safety Codes Fees:   Bylaw 2020 17