Compliance Certificates

What is a Compliance Certificate?

A compliance certificate is a written confirmation from the Town of Millet indicating that existing building(s) and/or structures are in compliance with the requirements of the current Land Use Bylaw.

The Town of Millet does not require compliance certificates, often lawyers or lending institutions will request one when you are selling or purchasing a home, or refinancing an existing mortgage. A request for a compliance certificate shall be in writing and must include two copies of an original or otherwise acceptable Real Property Report that has been signed, dated and stamped by an Alberta Land Surveyor. All Real Property Reports older than two (2) years must include a Statutory Declaration indicating no changes have been made to the property.

The fees for a Compliance Certificate are:

Residential $75.00 (prepared within 3 working days)
Residential Rush $150 (prepared within 1 working day)
Non-Residential $100 (prepared within 3 working days)
Non-Residential Rush $200 (prepared within 1 working day)

Fees for compliance certificates are established by Bylaw 2020-03