What is a Subdivision?

A subdivision is the dividing of a single parcel of land into two or more parcels, each to be given a separate title. Subdivision is also used for existing lot line adjustments. Notwithstanding a few exceptional circumstances, subdivision approval and endorsement by the local municipality must always be received before the subdivision can be registered at the Land Tiles Office and new titles issued (including bare-land condominiums).

Exceptions may occur with parcels of land that contain more than one quarter section, a river lot, a lake lot, or some settlement lots created prior to July 1, 1950. Ask your local Subdivision Authority, an Alberta Land Surveyor or Alberta Land Titles staff for information about the particular circumstances of the parcel of land in question.

Who can apply for a subdivision?

Only the landowner or an agent acting on behalf of the landowner may apply for subdivision. Often landowners hire or contract an Alberta Land Surveyor or other professionals such as; planners, lawyers, or engineers to act on their behalf when they do not wish to undertake the application on their own. The subdivision application must clearly indicate the name of the agent.

For more information visit the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association website @

Subdivision Service

West Central Planning Agency offers subdivision services for the Town of Millet. The processing of subdivision applications is mainly legislated by the Municipal Government Act and the Subdivision Regulation. The Agency strives to provide our applicants with an efficient process ensuring that all aspects of the subdivision process are completed in a timely manner.

Subdivision applications are to be submitted to:

West Central Planning, #101, 5111-50 Avenue, Wetaskiwin, Alberta T9A 0S5
Contact number (780) 352-2215 and fax number (780) 352-2211.