Fire Hall

The Town of Millet is a 9-1-1 Community. 

Millet Volunteer Fire Department operates with an active crew, responding to over 100 emergency calls each year in a territory that includes portions of the County of Wetaskiwin and Leduc County, as well as the Town of Millet.  The majority of the department's call volume is motor vehicle collisions (MVCs), as the department's territory covers a 20+ km span of the QEII Highway and Highway 2A. Firefighters in Millet are on call 24/7/365 to serve the community and surrounding areas.


Millet Fire Department operates with a modern fleet of fire apparatus, including:

Pump 1

  • Built on a 2001 GMC 8500 chassis, with capacity to carry 6 firefighters
  • 4,500 litre-per-minute pump, with an onboard 3,400 litre tank

Pump 2

  • Built on a 2007 International 7400 chassis, with capacity to carry 5 firefighters
  • 5,000 litre-per-Minute pump, with an onboard 3,400 litre tank
  • Built with "pump & roll" firefighting capability via a front bumper mounted turret

Pump 3

  • Built on a 2013 Ford F550 chassis, with capacity to carry 2 firefighters
  • A rapid response vehicle, normally serving as the command vehicle. 1,500 Litre-per-Minute pump, with an onboard 1,300 litre tank
  • Built with "pump & roll" firefighting capability via a front bumper mounted turret   

Pump 4

  • Built on a late-model Dodge 3500 chassis, with capacity to carry 2 firefighters
  • 20 HP pump with onboard 1,300 litre tank.

Rescue 1

  • Built on a 2004 International 4300 chassis, with capacity to carry 5 firefighters
  • Equipped with vehicle extrication tools (jaws of life & cutters) and other rescue tools.

Tanker 6

  • Built on a 2009 International Work Star chassis, with capacity to carry 2 firefighters
  • Equipped with a hydraulic drive pump, and a 11,000 litre tank.

Tanker 5

  • Tanker 5 is currently being re-designed on a newer International chassis, and will redeployed to our fleet soon!

Command 1

  • Built on a 2019 Ford F150 Chassis, "Charlie 1" is the quick-response command unit assigned to the Millet Fire Chief.


  • Built on a 2018 Kubota 1120D RTV Utility Vehicle, this side-by-side is retrofitted with LED Emergency Lights, LED search lights, a 5,000 lb Winch, & Emergency Radio Equipment, along with a Fire / Rescue Skid custom designed to fit the vehicle's box (48” wide, 55” long, 38” tall, with 8.5HP Engine (Versax 9 Electric Start), Electric-powered Hannay Hose Reel, Scotty ATP Foam Kit, and capacity to hold approximately 50 Gallon of water)

All Millet Fire Department equipment is housed in a modern 8-bay drive-through fire hall constructed in 2000.

Millet Fire Department works closely with the East West Millet Rural Fire Co-op Limited, the latter of which was formed in 1977 to provide fire protection to the rural area. All equipment is housed and operated by the Millet Fire Department.

Active Members of the Millet Fire Department include:

Fire Chief Steve Moen (#1)
Deputy Chief Trevor Palmer (#2)

Fire Marshal David Monahan (#3)
Captain Brett Jevne (#4)
Captain Greg Pyle (#6)
Captain Kyle McNichol (#7)
Captain Mathew Baynes (#8)
Captain Luke Jevne (#9)
Captain Derek Day (#10)
Firefighter Adam Walters (#11)
Firefighter Dale Hofstra (#12)

Firefighter James Thompson (#14)
Firefighter Braydon Sinclair-Smith (#15)
Firefighter Todd Vogelesang (#16)

Firefighter Ryan McGillivray (#17)

Firefighter Justin Williams (#19)
Firefighter Greg Wiancko (#20)
Firefighter Donald Williams (#21)
Firefighter Tessa Farn (#22)
Firefighter Gavin Franson (#23)
Firefighter Garrett Rempel (#25)
Firefighter Tim Bruun (#26)
Firefighter Mark Bruun (#27)
Firefighter Kenny Atkinson (#28)
Firefighter Cody Lever (#29)
Firefighter Earl Mardy (#33)


As well as Retired Members:

Fire Chief (Retired) the late Al Hegge (2018)
Fire Chief (Retired) Al Kilborn

Fire Chief (Retired) Blair Mohr
Deputy Chief (Retired) the late Ron Brown

Deputy Chief (Retired) Klaus Glimm
Deputy Chief (Retired) Karl Kilborn
Fire Marshal (Retired) the late Brian Monahan (2006)
Captain (Retired) the late Larry Bowering (2011)
Captain (Retired) George Ouellette 
Captain (Retired) Joe Anderson
Captain (Retired) the late Roy Elderkin (2019)
Captain(Retired) Mike Parsons
Lieutenant (Retired) Dave Hiller
Lieutenant (Retired) Larry Tall
Lieutenant (Retired) Chris Ible
Firefighter (Retired) the late Laurie Linaker (2014)