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June 29 2021

Water Restrictions - Clarification

There seems to be some misconceptions regarding the water demand advisory announced yesterday.

This was not Town Council or Administration that made the call to shut down the spray park. This was done due to a water demand advisory “at the request of the Capital Region Southwest Water Services Commission (CRSWSC).”

Due to a combination of the increasingly hot temperatures and limitations with pumping systems, the Commission feels it is prudent to lower water usage during this heat wave. We must ensure that our reservoir levels remain at a safe level to ensure we have enough capacity to maintain fire protection levels.

The Commission has imposed a ban on non-essential potable water use for the municipality’s operations, as well as a voluntary water restriction for the general public.

What this means:

Municipalities suspend all non-essential potable water use.

Residents are on a voluntary water restriction:

  • Water your lawn on an odd calendar day if you live in an odd-numbered house, and water your lawn on an even calendar day if you live in an even-numbered house. PLEASE NOTE, the Town of Millet Water and Sewer Bylaw already states: During MAY TO SEPTEMBER EACH YEAR, all persons are required to practice water conservation for outdoor watering and activities, whereby properties with a municipal civic address ending in an odd number may water on odd numbered days only, and properties with a municipal address ending in an even number may water on even numbered days only.

  • Avoid washing vehicles, driveways and home exteriors.
  • Avoid filling a Jacuzzi, hot tub or swimming pool.
  • Encourage wise water use (e.g. short showers instead of baths, turn off tap while brushing teeth or shaving, delay doing laundry, hand wash dishes, rain barrel use)

This is not applicable to:

  • Residential water necessities such as drinking, cooking, bathing, toilets, dishwashing
  • Businesses that depend on water to deliver a product or service, for example: commercial car washes, market gardens, greenhouses, commercial farm contractors, golf course greens
  • Residential water necessities including new lawns and gardens when failure to apply water may destroy greenery and customers who have added high nitrogen fertilizer to lawns.

PLEASE NOTE We have reached out to the Commission to see if we could possibly run the park on a reduced schedule and once we have heard back, we will advise the public!

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