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July 23 2020

First off let me send out a HUGE thank you to all the residents that came out to the Millet in Bloom work bee last night! This community is AMAZING!!! THANK YOU TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have a lot of work still ahead of us, but I am beyond amazed at how much this community has stepped up and come together, businesses that are here from out of town cannot believe the spirit of Millet! They have had residents bring them food, beverages and baked goods to thank them as they work and most have never seen this type of spirit! WAY TO GO MILLET! You should all be proud of the spirit we portray!
And another special thank you to the City of Leduc and the City of Wetaskiwin for sending out crews to help!! We are blessed to have great neighboring communities!!!!

Staff will still be going around and picking up branches on front curb, please ensure they are manageable, if you cannot lift them, staff will not be able to either. Any branches or wood left on front curbs will be picked up, please ensure if you are stockpiling for your own use that it is not on your front curb, as staff have no way of knowing.

With the news of the City of Calgary making it mandatory that everyone wears masks in public places, a lot of questions have come forth whether Millet will be enforcing this as well. To date, we have done an amazing job at keeping this virus out of our community and have taken all precautions to ensure this stays that way. Currently, there is no talk of making this mandatory here in Millet. Keep in mind, if the Province makes this mandatory, we will have no choice but to enforce this.
With this being said please keep in mind that this pandemic does affect each of us differently and those who choose to wear a mask should be able to do so without scrutiny, please be kind and allow each family to choose their own path during this difficult time.
There is a lot of false information going around social media in regard to the virus, please try not to spread false information, if you want the facts, please visit the Alberta Health websites and find the facts, I can guarantee you the information put out on the Rant & Rave sites are not always accurate. If you want answers, reach out to the appropriate sources.


2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone and this storm only added to the stress of our community, we will get through it, and we will be the Prettiest Little Town in Alberta again soon! Again, thank you to all our amazing residents!!! Our motto is “Proud To Be”…. I know I for one am proud to be a Milletonian!!
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