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July 20 2020
All I can say is WOW! Thank you to all that have stepped up to help our Town!! We have a long way to go, but we are on the road to recovery!

As you are aware, we have the Agriplex Parking Lot designated for tree disposal, we will keep this open for at least another week or 2 to ensure everyone has a chance to clean up!

That being said, if anyone needs firewood PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GRAB SOME FROM THE AGRIPLEX!! We do not want people cutting it on site, but feel free to grab what is there to take home and chop up!

A reminder that until all the debris can be cleaned in the Moonen Heights Playground, PLEASE KEEP AWAY FROM THE AREA!

We know a lot of people have branches in their properties for pick up, this will take some time, as our Parks department will be busy ensuring we get to all the priority places first! So please be patient with us, we will be grabbing this as time allows.

We have had some residents offer to pick up some of these roadside bundles, if you wish to help, please contact Justin

We will be the Prettiest Little Town in Alberta again, it will just take a little time!
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