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Reminder to Residents

January 19 2021

Please be advised that the Town of Millet has received complaints regarding animal waste not being picked up on various properties.  As per our Animal Bylaw #2018-06, 'no animal shall be a nuisance.  A nuisance shall include, but not limited to: (iv) defecating on property other than that of the Owner;...

Further, be advised that 'if an animal is a nuisance, the Owner shall be guilty of an offense and subject to a fine under this Bylaw, exclusive to any other civil actions or penalties.  If an animal defecates on property other than the Owner's property, the owner of the animal shall remove forthwith any defecated matter deposited.'

To view our Bylaw in its entirety, click here.

Please help keep the Town of Millet clean and help reduce sources of disease transmission by picking up after your pet. 

Thank you.



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