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Public Hearing - Bylaw #2020-22 Municipal Reserve Designation Bylaw

October 1 2020

With the Town of Millet moving forward with re-development of the Old Millet School being 4528 – 51 Street (Plan 1921473, Block 11, Lot 2), Administration is recommending the property be designated as Community Service Reserve (CSR). CSR designation can be used by municipalities for any of the following purposes:

  • a public library
  • a police station, fire station or an ambulance services facility, or a combination of them;
  • a non-profit day care facility
  • a non-profit senior citizens facility;
  • a non-profit special needs facility;
  • a municipal facility providing services directly to the public;
  • affordable housing

Based on the proposed list of uses, the CSR designation should be considered for this parcel.

Also, when reviewing the Community Hall site land titles, two small reserve lots were identified on either side of the hall.

After a review of the files, neither of these properties require the Municipal Reserve designation and it is recommended to remove this from their land titles.

Council has scheduled a Public Hearing for 3:00 p.m. October 28th, 2020 related to Bylaw 2020-22 to be held in the Hugo Witt Room in the Millet Agriplex, being 5400 45th Avenue in accordance with Town policy.

To view Bylaw 2020-22 Municipal Reserve Designation Bylaw, please click here

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