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Open Air Fire Permit

May 2 2017

The Town of Millet and the Millet Fire Departments reserve the right to regulate and control the design, construction materials and safe precautions of all open air fire pits, fireplaces and other appliances within the corporate limits of the Town of Millet and any land under the care of the Town of Millet. 

Why do we require a Open Air Fire Permit? The Town of Millet alongside of the Millet Fire Department just want to ensure that your fire pit is a good distance from any hazards that you may have on your property. There is No Charge to apply for this permit.

If you are new to the Town of Millet or have never applied for a Open Air Fire Permit please click here. Take a min to look over our Bylaw and then please print page 12 and bring it to the Town of Millet Administration Office. Or stop by the office and we will provide one to you.
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