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Millet Distancing Diamond Project

October 26 2020

Millet Distancing Diamond Project

We are pleased to invite you to the Grand Opening of the Millet Distancing Diamond Project that will take place on November 4 2020 at 10:30 a.m. at the William Leonard Gray Park in Millet, Alberta, accessed from the aptly-named Diamond Drive.

All public and media are welcome. Please note that social distancing and wearing of facial coverings during this event is required for safety purposes.


In 2019 the Millet Healthy Community Initiative, made up of interested community members, was the successful applicant for funding from Alberta Health Services, with a goal of creating environments that support making the healthy choice the easy choice in Millet.

The organization’s first initiative is the “Distancing Diamond Project.  It is an innovative community gathering space that allows for social distancing. The diamond shaped concrete area features 4 park benches placed 2 meters apart.  The benches commemorate this challenging time and symbolize the resiliency of Albertans.

The center area will be adorned with prize winning art from Millet residents.  Forty-eight submissions were received in the artwork contest, and additional prizes will be awarded for the winning poster entries. The pictures will be changed three times a year. The artwork is about what brings the artist joy and promotes their health and mental wellbeing, thus inspiring hope for all who see it.  Once the pandemic ends the space may be utilized for coming together as a community to socialize.

Visitors will be able to sit and enjoy beautiful flowers planted in a self-watering planter by Millet in Bloom. There is a ledge around the planter to place plates and/or cups.

Assistance in creating this installation was provided by Wetaskiwin Ready Mix, Custom Concrete of Wetaskiwin, and art work posters by WannaSign, Wetaskiwin.

SMILES (Support Mental Illness Lives Everyday Society), a partner of the Millet Healthy Community Initiative, states their long-term goal is to complete and place 15 of these “Distancing Diamonds” in nine campsites of Wetaskiwin County and six different park and recreation areas of Millet.  Hopefully, if the idea catches on, small local businesses could sponsor more “Distancing Diamonds” in other communities across Alberta. 

“Distancing Diamond” projects are intended to create awareness about the need for mental health; help people to feel comfortable talking about mental health; give residents a peaceful place to relax; and to show that Millet community supports mental health.

Social connection is crucial for well-being, and our community encourages adhering to provincial recommendations while providing safe, accessible spaces to connect.

Please look for pictures and videos of the “Distancing Diamond” project on the SMILES Facebook page.  Further information on SMILES may also be found on the site.

And please call or write for further information!

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Submitted by SMILES
For further information please contact:
Rita-anne Fuss  | Cell:  (780) 441-5340 |  Home:  780-352-7790


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