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Town of Millet - Public Works 24 Hour Contact

March 1 2021

The Town of Millet is continuing our on-going relationship with the Yellowhead Regional Emergency Communications Center (YRECC), to provide call taking and dispatching services for Public Works to bring a more efficient process for our residents. 

The new service will provide our residents with 24/7 point of contact for their needs for any Public Works emergency and/or compliant and ensuring that it is communicated to our staff in a timely and efficient manner.  Moving forward, we ask residents that need to reach our Public Works Department to please call 825-303-0095.  This number is toll free and answered 24 hrs. a day 365 days a year, to ensure that no complaint or concern is missed.  There is no additional cost to our residents as the YRECC has previously been providing services to the Town for Enforcement Services and Employee safety checks. We are excited for this ongoing opportunity and kindly ask for your patience during our transition period.   

The following numbers are our 24-hour on call numbers for the Town of Millet.

Public Works (24 hours)              825-303-0095

Bylaw Enforcement (24 hours)    780-387-4224

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