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Message to All Residents

March 23 2020
Message from the Town of Millet’s Chief Administrative Officer
The Town of Millet wants to ensure our residents that we are doing everything possible to maintain operations throughout town. We have formed a modified work schedule for our Public Works crew to allow them to work isolated, in order to keep up on maintenance and streets. All our office staff have been set up remotely, so we are able to carry on with day to day business. The phones have been forwarded and will be answered during regular business hours. In the event of an after hours emergency, we always have an employee on call and they can be reached at 780-916-6591.

GFL has assured me that they will continue to run for garbage/compost/recycling program as their drivers are isolated in their trucks. They have additional staff lined up in the event any of their drivers become ill.

We are very fortunate to have an amazing family ran grocery store that have gone above and beyond to ensure we all have supplies and our drug store also remains open and stocked. Thank you to all those who are working on those front lines, you are our true hero’s through this!  Millet Fire Department have taken all precautions and have all the proper protective equipment to continue to keep our community safe.

We understand that more things may need to change as we go, and I am beyond blessed to have an amazing staff and Council that are all bound together to ensure the safety and needs of our residents.

We want to remind residents that social distancing is not a request, it is mandatory that we practice this in order to prevent the spread in our community. Prime Minister Trudeau said across the country, people need to realize that ignoring social and physical distancing protocols is putting others at risk, from the elderly to the essential workers. ``Enough is enough. Go home and stay home,''!

As the days go on, we will continue to keep up to date on the pandemic and continue to provide information to our residents. As things change, we will continue to find ways to make them work for us!

I know this is a scary time, we all miss our regular walks of life, but for the time being, this IS the new walk of life and we all need to work together to protect our community.

On behalf of the staff and Council of the Town of Millet, stay safe, stay distant and look out for your neighbors. Above all, BE KIND TO EACH OTHER, we are all in this together!

Lisa Schoening, CLGM
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Millet
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