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Message from Town of Millet Chief Administrative Officer

March 16 2020
We want to ensure our citizens that we are working diligently with Alberta Health Services, Alberta Emergency Management Agency and the Minister of Health to keep up-to-date on the fast-changing situation.
We have already implemented a Pandemic Policy that ensures anyone exposed, or potentially exposed will remain in self isolation for 14 days.  We have closed our Agriplex and halted any large gatherings that were planned in Millet.  We have put a Business Continuity Plan in place to ensure that operations of the Town will continue, in the case that we need to close anymore public buildings.  We are keeping in close contact with our neighboring municipalities to ensure we all work together to ensure the best safety measures are put in place.
We are asking any residents that have traveled to please self-isolate and do not enter any public buildings at this time.
What is most important for residents to remember is that all these measures are a way of PREVENTION.  We ask that residents DO NOT PANIC, do not hoard food and take the extra precautions to socially distance yourselves whenever possible.  This does not mean you have to lock yourself up in your home.  You can still enjoy your yards, you can still go for a walk.  Just remember, if you see others along your venture, try to remain a meter away from each other while talking and avoid any direct contact.  
Avoid handshakes, hugging and any other direct contact from others.
Overall, if we all work together to try and distance ourselves, we can prevent the spread of this virus and at the end of the day that is all we can do at this point.  We have had some local residents start up a Facebook page to help those that are self-isolated, if you are in need of groceries or supplies.  There are some wonderful volunteers that are willing to deliver them to your door.  You can access this site on Facebook at 'Millet Corona Virus/COVID 19 Isolation Citizen Support Group'.
With the recent announcement of the schools closing, please ensure your children are staying as socially distant as possible.  Avoid gatherings and public areas as much as possible.  Prevention is a group effort and if we all take these precautions together, we can stop the outbreak before it happens in our community.

Lisa Schoening, CLGM
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Millet

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