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Leaders of Tomorrow - Celebrating 25 Years!

January 16 2020
In Celebration of our 25th Annual Event! 

The Leaders of Tomorrow Awards is a youth volunteer recognition program which encourages nominees to continue their involvement in volunteerism and leadership activities.  It also acknowledges that all voluntary contributions are valuable to a community.
Over the past 24 years, the Leaders of Tomorrow program has successfully recognized 690 outstanding nominees for their contributions to our community through voluntary action and leadership.  Nominations are divided into four age categories; 8-11 years, 12-14 years, 15-17 years and 18-21 years.

Why Should You Help Recognize Youth Volunteer Leadership?

Youth volunteers add energy, enthusiasm and fresh perspectives, as well as much-needed human resources to their communities.  Public recognition of youth volunteer leadership is more than saying thank-you for a job well done:
  • it focuses community attention on the good that young people contribute to society, when so often all we hear is the bad news
  • it builds self-esteem, an important need we all share regardless of age
  • it encourages other young people to become involved in volunteering and leadership when they have role models to follow
  • when we publicly recognize the contributions that young people make as volunteers, we affirm the value of their actions to society
So, go ahead - fill out the Nomination Form and help recognize the young volunteer leaders in our community!

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