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June 24 2021



I am pleased to provide you with an update from the Town of Millet! With the opening of Alberta right around the corner, we are so excited for all the changes in our community!

Although the world felt like it stopped turning over the past 18 months, the Town of Millet was busy behind the scenes, and we are looking forward to all these changes in the days to come!

Here is an update on some of the projects we have been working on!


Administration Office and Staff

We had announced in September of 2020 that the Town had identified issues regarding our Library occupancy, our administration occupancy and the state of the Community Hall. The Town resolved to move these 3 entities into the Old School building, as the consensus of the residents was, they did not want to see this building demolished. Administration was able to do this project with no tax increase to our residents!

Since then, we have been working with Creative Infrastructure to renovate the Old School to accommodate this. Our library has already moved into the new space and although there are still a few items left to complete, they should be open and running soon!

The administration office will be moving into their new space the week of July 5-12. Unfortunately, we will have to be closed during this week to accommodate the move.

The new Community Hall is set to be completed by the end of August as well. We hope that Provincial restrictions are eased this Fall so we can have an Open House for all residents to see this new facility!


Pharmacy/Doctors Office

We are so excited to see a new pharmacy and doctors office coming to our town! The new Millet Pharmacy plans to open its door on June 18th. The doctor’s office is not yet completed, and they hope to have this up and running by mid July. There is no confirmation yet as to what doctor will be attending the clinic, but the owners will announce once they have finalized all the details!



The arena project is on schedule, and we are looking at having our arena open in plenty of time for the 2021/22 hockey season! Not only is the arena floor being replaced, but new dasher boards are being installed, exterior drainage issues fixed, an exterior door from the concession being added and several safety upgrades are being done as well.  We are beyond excited to show residents the new arena upgrades and move forward with a “normal” season this year, and don’t forget our new Zamboni!



So far construction of the new Bluebird daycare, located in the old library building, is going as planned.  They plan to complete construction by the end of August and opening at the beginning of September.

Community Garden

Hats off to our Millet in Bloom committee for all their tireless efforts in building a beautiful Community Garden! The garden is located at the Leonard Grey Park in Moonen Heights and has opened up a whole new opportunity for families who do not have the space to plant their own garden. The garden also hosts a children’s garden, where parents can undertake a plot with their children to teach them the skills of gardening and a Food Bank plot as well!

2020 Storm Clean Up

The devastating storm that ripped through Millet in July 2020 left a huge path of destruction. Although staff have been working frivolously to try and repair all the damage there are still a few things left to do. We are awaiting out new dugout at the ball diamond and there are still several tree stumps around town that need to be removed. We will be dealing with these as money and time and insurance permits! We would like to take this opportunity again to thank our amazing residents for all the efforts in helping to clean up our town!


SATO Canada has completed the construction of their classrooms for their Oilfield Training School, in the Millet Industrial Park and are just awaiting a few more approvals from utility companies and they should be up and running very soon!


October 18, 2021 is Municipal Election day! Have you ever considered running for Council? The nomination packages are available on our website, as well as the Town administrative office!

Public Works Bay

The Town has purchased the bay in the public works building that was previously owned by the Millet Lion’s club. With the additional space, the Town will be able to consolidate some operations into the public works building.


The Town of Millet has identified several items that are deemed as surplus. Large pieces of equipment will be sold through Richie Bros and smaller items will be sold through a sealed bid process. Dates for the sealed bid auction be posted on


Respectfully submitted by;


Lisa Schoening, CLGM

Chief Administrative Officer

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