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Attention Contractors

February 12 2021

The Town of Millet ("Town") is inviting submissions from interested contractors ("Bidders") to provide a range of services for the period beginning in March 2021 and anticipated to conclude on December 31, 2023.  The purpose of this Pre-Qualification is to develop a list for five (5) service categories, of pre-qualified firms, who possess the Town's required qualifications for future work tasks that will be made available on an open order basis (to be individually allocated by the Town).

The Town is looking to pre-qualify contractors for the following services:

Underground Services

Work including, but not limited to; the rehabilitation, replacement, maintenance and installation of water, sanitary sewer, storm or other underground municipal utilities.

Surface Improvements

Work including, but not limited to; the construction (new), reconstruction, upgrade and rehabilitation of gravel or asphalt roadways and parking lots, asphalt trails or concrete sidewalks and curbs.

Electrical Services

Work including, but not limited to; the installation or replacement of electrical utilities, including streetlights and traffic signals.

Mechanical/HVAC Services

Work including, but not limited to; the installation, repair and maintenance of mechanical and/or HVAC systems.

Landscape Maintenance

Work including, but not limited to; removal, trimming or supply/installation of trees and shrubs, supply and installation of grass and general maintenance activities such as mowing, watering or fertilizing.

All interested parties are asked to check the Alberta Purchasing Connection for full details related to this opportunity.

The Town of Millet thanks you for your interest.


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