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A message from the CAO

March 26 2020
As the days go on, the rules and responsibilities of all of us Canadians are changing hourly. I think it is important to remember that at the end of the day, if we want to get back to our regular lives, we all have to WORK TOGETHER to make that happen! I have received several emails asking why they cannot attend the dog park, why can’t their kids attend the playground if they stay away from others. Bottom line, if we want to ensure the safety of our Community the best practice is to stay home!! Please remember, this virus sticks to surfaces as well and even if your child stays away from others, they can still contract the germs from the others that have used the equipment. We are lucky here in Millet that we have open spaces and most of us have back yards. If we all work together, we can keep this out of our Community! I seen a quote the other day that really hit home, “I would rather not see my loved ones for 14 days, than never see them again”. This is a sad reality, and everyone needs to take this seriously.

I can assure that the Town of Millet is doing everything we can to ensure our community remains fully operational. Council has resolved to waive all late penalties for utility bills for the next two billing cycles and no water service can be discontinued, due to late payment for the next 120 days. We will continue to discuss other options going forward.

The County Transfer station (east of Petro-Can) remains open. Due to the fact that the Administration office is closed, you can leave your name and civic address at the station and we will bill for the $20 voucher at a later date.

Playgrounds have been roped off and signed, and staff are working to remove the ice from the arena. Please remember for the safety of our staff, we only have 1 employee working in all areas at a time. This may mean that non-urgent requests may not be addressed immediately. Please be patient and know we are doing our best under these extreme circumstances.

Our Community Peace Officer is still working full time and ensuring our community stays safe. If you have any Bylaw concerns, please call 780-387-4224.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK, before posting information on social media, look at the source you received it from, there are so many unreliable news sources out there and spreading false information will only make others panic for no reason. Good rule is, if you don’t know the source, don’t post it!

Prime Minister Trudeau stated this morning that there are a lot of scams going around right now. If you receive a text message to apply for the Emergency benefits, DO NOT REPLY and DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION, the Government of Canada DOES NOT send any of this information out via text. It is best practice to visit the website for any information.

Again, our phones will be answered during regular business hours and if an emergency happens after hours, the on call number is 780-916-6591.

We are all working to ensure all of our residents are safe, we only ask that in return you follow the rules set out by the Government and try and be patient and kind to those around you. Remember, the entire world is going through this together!!!!

Stay safe and know we are all doing everything we can to protect our community!

Lisa Schoening, CLGM
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Millet

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