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Recreational Vehicle (RV) COVID-19 Exception

March 28 2020
The Town of Millet is committed to the health and safety of it’s residents and as such is permitting the use of recreational vehicles (RVs) as an area for isolation during the COVID -19 Public Health Emergency.

Currently, the Town of Millet Land Use Bylaw (2018/11) allows recreational vehicles to be occupied for no longer than 14 consecutive days in a calendar year. Due to the COVID -19 public health emergency, the Town of Millet will be allowing an exception to the Land Use Bylaw, permitting the use of recreational vehicles as an isolation area.  Property owners wishing to apply for a development permit for this use, must submit completed applications to  All permits will be subject to the following conditions:
  • Recreational vehicles must be entirely contained within the lot.
  • Recreational vehicles must be located on a hard surface or gravel pad
  • The recreational vehicle must have a functional fire extinguisher and a CO detector.
  • The permit will only be valid during the Province of Alberta COVID -19 Public Health Emergency or June 30th, 2020 whichever may come first.
  • A notice of permit approval must be posted and visible from the street.
There will be no fee for this permit.  If you have any questions, or require additional information, please email
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