Policies and Plans

Town of Millet Policies

Policy #4 - Snow and Ice Control Policy

Policy #10 - Compliance Certificate

Policy #12 - Impoundment Policy

Policy #14 - Cat Trap Policy

Policy #15 - Enforcement Call-Out Policy

Policy #18 - Public Participation

Policy #30 FCSS Grant -2022

Policy #51 - Minimum Design Standards

Policy 52A Council Allowance

Policy #53 - Water and Sewer Rates Policy

Policy #74 - Millet in Bloom Policy

Policy #75 - Utility Connection

Policy #78 - Manufactured Home Assessment

Policy #84 - Deadfall Permit Policy

Visitor Friendly Assessment Plan

Town of Millet - Health and Safety Program

2023 Strategic Plan

1 Town Owned Vehicles And Equipment Policy



Town of Millet Plans

Town of Millet - Strategic Plan


Prequalified Contractor Submission Requirements

Is your business interested in providing services to the Town? The Town is inviting submissions from interested contractors for underground services, surface improvements, electrical services, mechanical/HVAC services and landscape maintenance. If you are interested in submitting your firm's information, please complete the submission information and return to the Town of Millet. The prequalification process is continually open to allow new proponents to apply. 

Prequalified Contractor Submission Requirements