Emergency Management


Millet Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)

Millet Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) leads the co-ordination, collaboration and co-operation of all organizations involved in the prevention, preparedness and response to disasters and emergencies for the Town of Millet.

The Agency is accountable to our Municipal Council for the protection of people, their property and the environment from the effects of emergency events.

The authority for operation is governed by the Emergency Management Act under the direction of Municipal Council.

Learning about Emergency Management

Your Knowledge

When an emergency happens in any community that is beyond the capabilities of the normal Emergency Management team, this can be considered a crisis situation where resources need to be pooled and coordinated.  In these cases, the Emergency Management Agency together with Municipal Council can recommend and implement a local state of emergency. 

Although we hope this never happens, it is critical for the successful mitigation of emergencies that residents are prepared to take the required steps to take shelter, evacuate, conserve personal resources such as food and water and to follow the direction of local authorities.

If an emergency that affected the Town of Millet happened tomorrow, would you be ready?

72-hour Emergency Kit

No one knows for sure when disaster will strike, but we can all be prepared. Create your own 72-hour emergency kit, and you will have the necessary items to help you and your family until emergency responders can reach you. Click on the the link below for more information.

What to put in your 72-hour Emergency Kit

Grab and Go Kits

Don't forget to make a "grab and go kit" to be used in the event you need to evacuate your home. Simple items like cash, change of cloths, bottled water, list of phone numbers, and snacks such as granola bars and instant meals (one per family member at a minimum) should be included.

Volunteering for the Millet Emergency Management Authority


The Town of Millet Emergency Management Agency needs people who can dedicate time each month to assist in developing community emergency preparedness and awareness.


Are you part of a Service Group in Millet? Winter or summer, there is always a possibility of our community being called upon to help those in need - in Millet or in support of surrounding communities.  If you believe your group may be able to participate in the event of an emergency, please contact us and we will be happy to meet with your group to discuss what options for involvement are available.

Public Events

Are you planning a public event that is outside the normal use of a designated facility and expect a large number of people? MEMA will assist in preparing a risk assessment for your event and recommend management solutions.

Useful Links


Director of Emergency Management (DEM)
  • Heather Hughes, Director of Emergency Management - 780-387-4554 email: dem@millet.ca

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