Lot Grading Plan & Plot Plan

This type of plan illustrates the location of a proposed new building, including the proposed grade elevations around the property. The purpose of this plan is to ensure that the construction of the new building, including the construction of driveways and retaining walls, will be completed in such a manner so as to allow for proper surface drainage, and to prevent any negative impact on adjoining landowners.

A Lot Grading Plan is prepared and submitted to the municipality, usually at the same time that the architectural drawings are submitted for a building permit.

Lot grading is an important component of new home construction. The purpose of lot grading is to provide good drainage away from buildings and adjacent properties for the benefit of property owners. Many municipalities require a Lot Grading Certificate to ensure grading is done properly and in compliance with municipal requirements. Actual requirements vary from municipality to municipality.

A Lot Grading Certificate is a document that can be prepared by an Alberta Land Surveyor. It shows several current elevations of a lot in comparison with design grades that were previously approved by the municipality. It is intended to show where water will drain on a property.
The Lot Grading Certificate needs to be submitted to a municipality for rough and final grade approvals. Approval is based on the requirements of a municipality and is subject to their inspection.

If you require a Lot Grading Certificate, it may be more convenient to contact the Alberta Land Surveyor, if you know who it is, who prepared the subdivision plan or real property report.

Surveyor Real Property Report

This type of survey plan is prepared specifically to illustrate the location of buildings or structures relative to the boundaries of a property. It also shows the location of any other physical features and registered encumbrances, such as easements, on or adjacent to the property. In a Real Estate transaction, a current SRPR provides the purchaser, the seller, the lawyer, the lending institution, the title insurer, the municipality, and the Realtor with an accurate representation of the property prior to the purchase being completed
For additional information please visit the Alberta Land Surveyor Association website @  They also have brochures on Real Property Reports, Fences, Boundary Markers, Lot Grading, Easement & Right-of-Ways, Oil and Gas and more…….
Also you can find a list of certified Alberta Land Surveyors in your area.

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