Town of Millet
Planning & Development

The land use bylaw is a document approved by council which has been delegated to guide and regulate the uses and development of the land within the Town of Millet.  For the most current LUB, view Bylaw #2015/03 - Office Consolidated Version.

This bylaw outlines the type of development permitted in each land use district including rules and regulations. By obtaining a development permit, you have assurance that your development complies with the guided regulations of the Land Use Bylaw. In addition, if you require a letter respecting compliance, you will know that the improvements on your property have the proper permits in place.

The town requires an approved development permit prior to the start of most developments. Not all proposed development requires the issuance of a permit, examples are; small sheds under 10m2, minor structures, some decks and porches depending on height and size and fences.

The applicant for a development permit is responsible to ensure that the development does not have any conflict with existing or abandoned oilfield related structures. eg. Abandoned well bores etc. The ERCB Customer Care Center can be contacted by calling 1-855-297-8311 or email

The applicant for a development permit is responsible to provide a copy of all registered utility right-of-way documents registered against the subject site. Where a utility right of way is registered on the title of a property, no development permit will be issued for a building or use that contravenes the rights of the grantee within the utility right-of-way document unless written consent has been obtained from the grantee.

No building footing or cantilevered portion of the building or roof eave shall encroach into or above a utility right-of-way unless written consent has been obtained from the grantee.

Where a historical utility right-of-way exists and there is no evidence of an operating underground or overhead utility within the right-of-way, the Development Authority can consider issuing a development permit after consultation with all utility companies.

Contact the Planning and Development department to find out if your development(s) require a permit @ (780) 387-4554 or email: 

Town of Millet - Statutory Plans
A statutory plan is a legal document that must go through three readings and a public hearing before it is adopted. Once adopted, there is a legal obligation on the part of both the municipality and the residents to adhere to the plan.
Municipal Development Plan (MDP) - Bylaw #2014/10
To view the MDP Town of Millet Maps, click Map 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) - Bylaw #2017/06

Town of Millet - Design Standards
For information on the Town of Millet Minimum Design Standards view Policy #51

Town of Millet Off-Site Levy
For information on the Town of Millet Off-Site levies, view Off-Site Levy Bylaw #2015/03

Did You Know?

The Town of Millet offers Free Public Skating and Shinny Hockey from October to March