Animal Control Information

Town of Millet Community Peace Officer can be reached at 780-216-1073 or at

The Alberta SPCA deals with animal abuse complaints in rural Alberta and smaller towns (i.e. outside city limits). To contact them, please call 447-3600.

Sustainable Resources Development- Fish And Wildlife Division (427-3574), as well as the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society Of Edmonton (914-4118), can provide you with information about wildlife.


Below you will find a description of the cats and dogs we have transported to the animal shelter. If one of these is your pet, please contact the administration office immediately. All fines must be paid prior to the cat or dog being released.

FEES:      Impound Fee      $30.00

                 Pound Fees       Dogs    $25/day

                                           Cats    $20/day

Additional:  Any Bylaw fines & additional pound costs.



If one of the pets above is yours, please call Bylaw immediately at 780-216-1073.

PLEASE NOTE: All animals are kept for 3 working days if they have no identification and 10 working days if they have identification. After that, the cat or dog is considered abandoned and the previous owner has no claim to that animal.


Cat traps can be rented by calling Bylaw at 780-216-1073. All animals trapped will be transported by our Animal Control Officer to the Town pound, located in Wetaskiwin.

Bylaw 2012/08 DOES allow for the entrapment and impoundment of cats as well. To ensure your cat is returned safely, if captured, please have your cat voluntarily registered at the administration office for a fee of $5.00.

Use caution in approaching or handling any stray cat as it may carry diseases, and it may bite. If you know the owner of the animal, we suggest you speak to the owner about your concerns about a free-roaming pet. You can also use deterrents such as motion-sensor water sprayers to keep free-roaming cats off your property.For further information, please see our animal bylaw.

Please note, regulations must be followed when using cat traps. Any incorrect usage that causes harm to an animal may result in charges under Animal Protection Legislation.


 For more information see our Animal Bylaw.




Did You Know?

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