Town Administration Office 5120 - 50 Street (Hwy. 2A)


5120-50 Street, Millet

(780) 387-4554

As anyone in the Municipal Government field will know, Administration is where it all begins and ends.  The Town of Millet is fortunate to have dedicated employees, known to residents for their helpfulness and amiability.  A lot of work takes place in the office, but there is a lot going on around town that Public Works and Parks and Recreation must take care of, especially in the summer. Also, Council has their work cut out for them, deciding what's best for the community. It's a busy place, mostly behind the scenes!


C.A.O - Teri Pelletier -

Assistant C.A.O. - Lisa Schoening -

Director of Public Services : Mike Jones - 

Utilities- Sandi Harkin - 

Development - Michelle Skidmore -

Gerdie Hogstead -

Administrative Assistant - Heather Niessen -




Did You Know?

 You can pay your bills online! Tax Payments, Utilities and Accounts Receivable payments too. For More Information please click here